Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Poison of Lures

Since the day i caught my first fish on lures, i just can't stop myself from trying out different brand of lures in order to test out the effectiveness. For the past few years, i have totally lost count on the lures which i bought and have not really organise it after using it. I was shocked to know the amount of lures i have and the above photo taken is just a small fraction of lure collection. I really got to spend some time arranging it or else, will be a big headache for me when my boy learnt to know about my hobby :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

My new gift, New Okuma Offshore Bait-casting reel

Yesterday, got a call from my Ex-colleague who has been station in USA for the past few years saying that he has been transfer to Singapore for few months on his company project. Since he is free,he asked me if i'm interested for a cup of coffee nearby my place. Since i have nothing much to do beside being a nanny for my newborn, and have granted permission by wifey to be away for a few hours, its a good opportunity for me to relax myself as well. After chatting for nearly an hour at a nearby Coffeeshop, my friend went to his car and brought me a gift which he got it from USA. I opened out the bag and its was a Okuma fishing reel and some newborn baby stuff. Was told that Okuma is quite popular in USA and the new range of reel manufactured by Okuma is pretty solid reel to own. I have read some review on this reel and most of the reviews are positive towards Okuma. After some research on the web, the main reason behind this is because Tiburon USA has delivered their secret recipe on making a good offshore reel for Okuma and hence, the new range of reels produce are highly promising stuff. After holding on the Okuma Cortez CZ-10CS on my hand and play with it for nearly 15 minutes, my comment on this reel is that Okuma has something to proof to Daiwa and Shimano that they are coming back strongly to take back their market share. Even though CZ-10CS is not the top of the range, it is comparable to Shimano Torium or even Daiwa Saltist. So, will this Okuma Cortez  win back the market share for budget offshore reel, time will tell.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A nice gift from my friend in Japan

Last week, i received a parcel from my Japanese friend living in Osaka. To my surprise, its the Bishamon Long Dancer squid jig!!! Previously, when i visited Japan, the tackle shop owner told me that this Squid jig is pretty effective and ask me to buy a few to try it out. At that point of time, I don't really believed in him at all, thinking it might be their sales tactics and all those "BS" but in the end, i still purchase 2 pieces. Amazingly, the catch rate was awesome which is comparable to Yamashita or Yozuri Shrimp hunter which give me another alternative. Unfortunately, its the biggest mistake not to buy more of this!!! I call up my Japanese friend of mine asking her to help on replenish my stock but was told that the shop has sold out every single piece and have to wait for the arrival of new stock. Waiting for more than 10 months, my ammo finally came and it's worth waiting for :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The old vintage Abu Ambassadeur 5000A

In the 1950s, The Swedish Abu Garcia fishing reel was introduced to the market to meet the angler's needs. Ttill now the company is still producing many good and nice reel for the anglers from all walks of life. I myself is a Abu Garcia fans and have collected a few of the Abu Garcia reels as well. Among all my Abu Garia reel collection, this Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000A is my favourite reel which i have collected since young. It is made in the 1970s and is the oldest Abu Garcia Ambassadeur i had in my collection. Although it is nearly 40 years of age, the reel doesn't show its age at all. It still reel in smoothly and precisely which shows that Abu Garcia is serious in making their fishing equipment since early days. On the box itself, Abu proudly stated " The world finest casting reel, built to last a lifetime"..don't you agree with that?

My Daiwa Saltist 50H...found a new home

After my Daiwa Saltiga Z40 was sold off, this Daiwa Saltist 50H which i have kept for 1.5 years without using it finally found a new home as well. Even though the Saltist series is a grade lower than the Saltiga series, you can find many Fishing reel reviews which give a thumbs up to this korea made reel. All the best to my Saltist 50H and hope it can catch many big monster for his new owner.

Avet JX Factory Blem Model Single Speed 6.0:1

This Factory BLEM model, single speed 6.0:1 Avet fishing reel was bought last year when i intended to use it on my 2nd Sabah Fishing trip. However,  one week before the trip, it was cancelled due to poor catch rate and bad weather. Hence, this Avet JX reel was kept in my cabinet for one full year without even touching the sea water. The special thing about this reel is that Avet mixed and match their inventory and come out with this Factory BLEM model making it to be kind of special. I choose the Blue and Silver as i have a black Calstar Rod which match it nicely. Even though i have been clearing my used and unused Fishing gears, this will still be kept in my storeroom just in case or maybe.......Hmmmmm :)

The 2011 Fishing Banned

Yippee...My Wesley has arrived!!! Finally, after 10 months of waiting and "NO Fishing" ban on me...my son Wesley was born on the 23rd of Nov 2011. After married for almost 7 years, my first child finally arrived and without long, there will be a new member joining me for my fishing and i can be sure that Wesley will enjoy every moment doing fishing with me without learning it the hard way which i have been through. When the time is right, will definitely try out the Kayak-fishing with him on my Orange Pearl.

Although i have not been fishing for the past few months or maybe almost a year, i do surf the web to monitor the Catch Report of fellows anglers. Every time seeing the photos be it offshore or Kayak-fishing is kind of a pain for me as i wanna be in the action as well. However, the only thing I can really come close to fishing is by going to Fish Market or FishPort to get the freshest catch of the day. Below are some of the "Fishing" i have done not in the seaside but close to it.....its from the Sedili FishPort. Enjoy the Catch!!!  :)