Wednesday, September 5, 2007

4th Sep 07 Punggol Track 17 fishing

Punggol Track 17

Date: 04th Sep 07 (Tuesday)

04-09-2007 0413 2.3
04-09-2007 0931 1.3
04-09-2007 1516 2.6
04-09-2007 2230 0.3

Chinese Calender: 七月二十三

Left from home at around 1200hrs and after 30mins of driving while listening to my favorite Jay Chou Album, I finally reached my destination, Punggol Track 17th. Have thought that no one will be fishing on Tuesday as many people should be working instead of fishing but I’m wrong.....there still many people like me who are really free and came here for fishing. Today the weather was pretty fine throughout the day, there isn’t any rain to welcome me and the sun was still hiding behind the clouds.

Without delay, I quickly setup my gears hoping to be the lucky one to have my braided line tearing out from my Shimano Biomaster GT4000. Oh boy……again I was building my lovely castle in the air. Within 10mins, a 13ft Holiday Spin pairing with my Shimano Aerlex4000, 10ft Surecatch Prokat with my Shimano Biomaster GT4000, 8ft Shakespear Uglystik with Shimano Sienna4000 and lastly, a normal 9ft Telescopic rod together with my small Penn Extreme FD1035 for jigging bait fish.

Unfortunately, the "No-catch" curse is still sticking onto me. All I can say is that, the more I hope the more I'll be disappointed. Fishing for nearly 5 hours, my total catch were 5 pathetic helicopter fish (CNR), 1 female flower crab which accidentally being hook up when trying to steal my bait and a baby emperor snapper which I used as live bait. Until today, no big fish was caught while fishing in Punggol and has been a zero fighter in some of my previous Punggol fishing trip.

I have even tried to do some Cuttlefish jigging with my Pink squid jig but no luck for me. Luckily this time round, still got a flower crab for my dinner...sweet and fresh....yummy!!!